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What information must be collected and verified through EVV?

The 21st Century Cures Act requires EVV systems to collect and verify the following seven items:

  1. Type of service performed
  2. Member receiving the service
  3. Caregiver providing the service
  4. Date of service
  5. Location of service
  6. Start time of the service (Check-In)
  7. End time of the service (Check-Out)
How much will the CareBridge EVV Solution cost?

There is no charge to Provider Agencies or Caregivers for using the CareBridge EVV Solution.

For organizations using an alternate EVV vendor, CareBridge does not charge other EVV vendors to integrate with us or to send data to us. If you are using an EVV vendor other than CareBridge, you may want to check with your contracted EVV vendor to determine if they charge fees for integration.

Do I have to use EVV?

EVV is required for the following services:

Code Modifier Description
99509 HA Home visit for assistance with activities of daily living
99509 HB

If your agency provides these services to Medicaid members, then you will need to use EVV.  Please contact Healthy Blue if you need additional information.  

Effective the hard claims denial date set by NC DHHS, these services require EVV to document visits. Additionally, claims must be generated through the CareBridge EVV solution for Healthy Blue contracted Provider Organizations or they will be denied.

If I already have an EVV system or am working with an EVV vendor, what should I do?

You need to make sure your EVV system or EVV vendor completes integration activities with CareBridge. Your EVV visits must be sent to the CareBridge EVV Solution for claims generation so you do not experience a disruption in claims payments. CareBridge provides multiple ways to connect your EVV system/vendor with the CareBridge Solution. Please complete the provider agency survey at and enter your EVV Vendor’s information.

To expedite the integration process, please have your EVV vendor review the integration specification at  If they have questions, CareBridge will connect them with an integration specialist who will help ensure information is exchanged between systems.

Your vendor must be integrated with CareBridge by [October 1, 2021] so claims can be successfully submitted and paid.

When do provider organizations need to start using an EVV solution?

When Medicaid Managed Care launches on July 1, 2021, PCS   99509 HA and HB individuals will be managed by the Prepaid Health Plans   (PHPs) and are subject to EVV through the PHPs.

Will training be provided for Provider Organizations using CareBridge?

Yes, there will be many training opportunities including virtual webinars, presentation materials, hand-outs, and ongoing support for all provider agencies. All training, documentation, and resources are available 24/7 here.

Who will train caregivers on using the CareBridge EVV  solution?

Provider Organizations will train the Caregivers they employ. CareBridge provides training and materials to Provider Agency trainers who will train their Caregivers.

What if a caregiver forgets to Check-In or Check-Out of the CareBridge EVV solution?

If the caregiver forgets to Check-In or Check-Out during a visit, it can be corrected by making a Manual Entry through the CareBridge Provider Portal. Within the portal, agency staff will view the scheduled visit and enter the correction. The provider will be prompted to give a reason for the correction/update.  

Manual Entries should be used infrequently, so Caregivers need to remember to use the mobile app or IVR to Check-In or Check-Out.

Refer to the training material for details regarding Manual Edits.

What if a Member wants to cancel an appointment?

In instances when a Member requests a schedule be changed, a Provider Agency can reschedule and/or cancel an appointment through the   CareBridge Provider Portal. Please contact your Agency as soon as possible when you know a Member needs to reschedule an appointment.

Will I still be required to complete the timesheets for Members to verify services completed at each appointment?

No. EVV will completely replace paper timesheets. You will also be able to document the care plan activities you completed during the visit right in the mobile app or through the IVR.

Do we have to collect electronic signatures after every visit? What if a member is physically unable to sign it?

While a signature is not required by NC Medicaid, it is recommended that the Member’s signature is captured at the end of a visit. The CareBridge mobile application allows you to collect signatures when you Check-Out of each visit. If your Member is not able to sign, you will have the option to select Member Refused or Member Unable.

Will I be required to enter a schedule into the CareBridge EVV System?

Yes, Healthy Blue requires that EVV visits be scheduled ahead of time.

What devices qualify for the CareBridge mobile application?

The mobile application is available to download for free and install from both the App Store and the Google Play Store. CareBridge is compatible with all smart devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Caregivers who do not have a smart device can use the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) option using the Member’s home phone.

What if there is no cellular/Wi-Fi coverage at the Member’s home?

The CareBridge EVV solution is designed to work even in areas of light cellular coverage so cellular/Wi-Fi coverage is not usually an issue. When there is no cellular/Wi-Fi coverage at a Member’s home, CareBridge’s mobile application can store and forward the Check-Ins and Check-Outs completed with the CareBridge mobile app. The mobile app will store the Check-In and Check-Out information and forward it to CareBridge when the Caregiver’s mobile phone returns to an area with cellular/Wi-Fi coverage. Be sure to keep your app open so the visit information will be sent to CareBridge as soon as a connection is regained.

How are claims paid to Provider Agencies? Can Agencies make direct deposit arrangements for payments?

Payments are processed by Healthy Blue. For any questions about payment and setting up direct deposit, please contact Healthy Blue.

Healthy Blue:

Provider Services: 1-844-594-5072 or

How can Providers check the number of authorization units left in the CareBridge EVV Solution?

Authorization unit consumption is displayed within the CareBridge mobile app and Provider Portal.

EVV will NOT change the number of authorizations or how they are consumed. If you were managing authorizations effectively before, this will be a smooth transition.

CareBridge Training Module 3 – Authorizations and Scheduling will guide you through where to find authorization units information.

When a provider is missing a payment or has a short payment, how should they correct it?

Payments are processed by Healthy Blue. For any questions about payments, please contact Healthy Blue.

Healthy Blue:

Provider Services: 1-844-594-5072 or